Kratom 101: Lingo

We will constantly be adding to this page different terms and information to help you with learning about Kratom : )

HOW TO CONSUME KRATOM: The most common ways to consume kratom include “Toss and Wash (T&W),” taking capsules, drinking teas and/or mixing it with juice, yogurt, apple sauce, etc. Kratom is an acquired taste too bitter for some. Many people buy inexpensive capsule machines and make their own (veggie caps are preferred over gelatin) to mask it. T&W is as easy as it sounds. Toss the powder in your mouth with a little bit of liquid and immediately wash it down. Beginners should avoid taking it with grapefruit juice; it makes the effects stronger. Effects differ for everyone. Some say capsules don’t work while others swear by them; some say teas don’t work which are still very popular. A majority of people find that kratom works best on an empty stomach, but others prefer taking it with a little bit of food to avoid nausea. Experiment, experiment, experiment! And be safe!